The History of Murrill Tank Service.

The year was 1946,

George T. Murrill saw a void that needed to be filled in the Mobile area. Actually, Mr. Murrill, with a shovel and a borrowed wheelbarrow in tow, began to build and install septic tanks thus Murrill Tank Services was born.

The work was done manually and completed on-site, often in the face of less than ideal working conditions. After a few years in business, the company was able to afford its first piece of automated equipment, a Cleveland trenching machine. By the mid 1950's, Murrill Tank Service was using the first rubber tire backhoe in Mobile

As technology progresses, the company developed its fixed pouring location. With the days of on-site pouring behind it, Murrill Tank Service could pick up tanks and take them to the job site. Of Course, this led to a series of complications with regards to transportation and handling something that had not been done before.

Today, Murrill Tank Service is headquartered on a 3.5-Acre complex in southern Mobile County. Current construction is underway for our new facility off of Range Line Road. The manual pouring process that was the norm at the companies beginning has now been replaced by automated procedures. Tanks are monolithically poured and come in sizes as large as 15,000 gallons. In fact, Murrill Tank Service built the largest monolithically poured tank in the Continental U.S.

Besides its septic tank work, Murrill Tank Service also produces a variety of commercial utility products. The company's products can be found throughout the Southeast, from Texas to North Carolina. The company prides itself on being able to meet a wide array of engineering requirements, a trait that has helped it acquire a large amount of work from electric utilities in the southeast.

Needless to say, Murrill Tank Service doesn't have to borrow wheelbarrows anymore.